Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC is a very famous digital marketing model that you can use to drive traffic, sales, and conversions online. It is very different from organic reach strategies, instead, it is a paid advertising model.

In PPC, you are charged for each click that you get from the campaign. It is a really good method to get instant sales & conversions by bidding on all your desired keywords on search engines.

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What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. Yes, you understood it correctly, In this paid advertising model, you are not paying for the impressions you receive on your Ads. Instead, you only have to pay for each click that you receive from that campaign to your website.

If you type any query on any search engine, mostly Google. You’ll see a few ads popping up at the very top before the organic results. These are basically PPC campaigns.

The reason why people prefer PPC instead of SEO is to test out instant results for their keywords. If you have a few keywords in mind that you want to rank organically on SERPs, before starting out the SEO campaign, you can test the results of those keywords using PPC.

Types of Ads in PPC Advertising

There are multiple types of ad campaigns that you can create in a PPC campaign. Depending upon the goal of the campaign, you can customize everything about how your ad should look on the search.

• Search Ads

• Shopping Ads

• Display Ads

• Video Ads

• Gmail Ads

Most of the time when digital marketers are talking about PPC, they are mostly talking about Google Ads. Other search engine platforms like Bing, Yahoo also have their advertising platforms but the audience share they have is too low. WebbyAcad is the Best PPC Marketing Company in Delhi. Our digital marketing company help you to grow website traffic through paid marketing.

SEO vs PPC Campaigns

SEO is the practice of getting on top of SERPs using organic strategies. It takes a lot of time to show results if you’re working on SEO campaigns. This is because Google and every search engine platform need some time to trust new websites.

Taking the fact into consideration that most of the new domains that are registered on registrars every day are spammy sites, Google has a time filter called Sandbox that retains new domains from appearing on search engine results.

Whereas, PPC is one paid advertising model in which you can bid on your target keywords so your ads can appear on search engines whenever someone types in that query in the search bar.

In PPC advertising, you have to pay for each click you receive on your target keywords. The cost of each click, also known as CPC depends upon a lot of factors.

These factors include things like your Ad Rank, Quality Score & CPC Bidding of other advertisers on the same keywords.

So if you want your ads to appear more often on your target queries, you’ll have to bid higher so that your ads appear above them, once you have enough data, you can then optimize your CPC according to your quality score and ad rank.


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